Windows Phone 7

I just got my new phone last week, it’s a brand new HTC Mozart runnnig WP7!

It’s a very nice phone, and I already love it 🙂

But after a couple of weeks with it, I can already make a comparison with my old iPhone 3G and the brand new iPhone 4 that I got for my wife 😉

So, in term of software, WP7 is a very pretty OS, working on Silverlight I can tell that I like the animations, and transitions – and compare to this the iPhone looks quite flat.

The Marketplace already as few apps, not so much yet, but I have some good one using the new application templates and I wasn’t too sure about it viewing the demos, but I embrace it now when I use it. I like the menu and page navigation, it really feels like ready a book on some apps.

However, it’s not as solid as the iPhone, yet! After a couple of days and few more apps on it, it rebooted few times 😦

Regarding the phone itself, the Mozart is beautiful phone, a bit bigger than the iPhone 4 but very nice. I like the 8 MB camera, but it doesn’t have the front camera like the iPhone 4. Watch out, it’s quite slippery though!

The screen is awesome, and it has a very good sound quality.

It’s big issue is… the battery life! Come on HTC, I already thought my old iPhone was short, but here WOW, it’s terrible. Fortunately, I work in front of my laptop and my phone is plugged all day and… all night too! I haven’t found the right settings yet to keep it alive more than half a day 😦

Anyway, even with this I really enjoy it! And I am very excited to see what is going to appear/happen in the next few months…

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