Free Windows Phone eBook

A free eBook for WP development is available on

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth

About the Author

Boryana Miloshevska is a software developer with more than 6 years of professional experience with .NET technologies. She is a co-founder of – one of the biggest windows phone development communities.  She is also working as a consultant in the areas of Silverlight and Windows Phone application development. 

What else?

  • Active blogger and tech enthusiast trying to contribute to the windows phone development community in various ways.  Author of more than 300 development articles, tutorials and guides related to Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 technology most of which published on .
  • MCTS, MCPD Web and Desktop development
  • Winner of the Microsoft “Engineering Excellence Achievement” Award
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc  Technology Entrepreneurship (UCL , London UK)
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1 thought on “Free Windows Phone eBook

  1. Awesome page and extremely enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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