iPad 2

After talking about Mango, let’s talk about my new iPad 2!

Last week I finally went to the shop and get us an iPad 2 3G 32GB. I was initially considering the WiFi 64GB, but after reading about it, I changed my mind and took the 3G.

The main reasons of this change are:

  • 3G is prepaid so you don’t get tied to a contract. In my case, I haven’t even bought a SIM card yet!
  • 3G adds the GPS capability which can be handy for some apps.
  • I don’t need 64GB, since I mainly use it at home where I already have plenty of storage available.

My first overal experience is great and I can already say that I quite impressed by how much I use it. I always thought my 4 years old daugther would be the primary user… It might be because it’s my latest toy in the house so we’re all playing with, but I can already see it adds value.

The main benefit is the apps you get that are not available on my laptops and computers (I should say that I have one desktop configured as a HTPC, plus my professional laptop and our personal MacBook pro. Adding my HD7 and my wife’s iPhone 4, we have a full house!).

The natural experience it provides is quite puzzling. My daughter already knew how to use it and run her apps after few hours.

So after 10 days of use, I can tell its a great addition and with Windows 8 coming around, the multi touch experience is already starting to be part of our daily life, I can’t wait to play with more multi touch devices…

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