September 28th was Mango day and lot of people are using it now on their Windows Phone. I’ve been using it since its beta version and I really like it.

Playing with both an iPhone 4 and my HTC HD7, it’s really interesting to see the different experiences and how they influence each other. I really like the experience of the WP, I love the back button which is really missing in the iPhone (and iPad!). The multitasking works quite well, more particularly with the combination of the back button (here again). You can easily check your emails, click on a link, navigate through a site and come to where you were in your inbox flowlessly.

Since the official Mango launch we can benefit from the new set of apps (and upgrades) dedicated to Mango. The Marketplace has decent variety of apps even if you can’t compare it with the AppStore.

My favorites features are:

  • People Hub
  • Back Button
  • Multitasking
  • Metro Style
  • Live Tiles
  • Linked Inboxes

My favorites apps are:

  • WPCentral
  • Weather Surf AU (required in Australia :))
  • TripView Sydney
  • Le (French news)
  • eBay
  • Cartoon TV (great streaming app for my kids… and me too :))
  • Angry Birds !!!

This isn’t a long list but that the apps I use daily commute. And I like checking WPCentral to get the insight of the new apps coming and giving them a try…

I should also say that I quite like Zune compare to iTunes. I feel less restricted by Zune which gives me the ability to easily transfer my content back and forth between my phone and various computers. And, I tend to be tired of all the updates we get from iTunes – it starts feeling like Adobe, whenever we run the app we get a new update 😉

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1 thought on “Mango

  1. I must say that iOS provides the fast app switching by double-clicking the Home button, but still I prefer the back button!

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