Dell ST2220T 21.5″ Multi-Touch monitor

I’ve just received my latest gadget!!!

I wanted a monitor to plug to my laptop at home and I went for the Dell ST2220T 21.5″ Multi-Touch. I had a very good deal from Dell Pre-configured website and the monitor is pretty nice.

Dell ST2220T 21.5" Multi-Touch

At this price range, you can’t expect having more than 2 touch points, but it still does the job… More particularly since there isn’t many apps around for this.

I discovered the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 which provides a set of sample apps to play with a multitouch display.

It also works well for browsing the Web and I’m starting playing with Windows 8 Preview. However, I’m running it on VMWare so I’m not sure I’m using it to its full power, yet…

My 4 years old daughter already likes drawing on the Windows 8 PaintPlay app and creating photo collage with MS Surface Collage 😉

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