How to set up a multi-touch monitor in Windows 7

Few weeks ago, I mentioned that I got a Dell ST2220T multi-touch monitor.

It works great! But, I came across 2 common issues:

  1. Either the multi-touch simply doesn’t work,
  2. Or, the multi-touch works but on the wrong monitor…

The first issue is very simple, the multi-touch monitor MUST be set as the main display, even on a laptop…

To do so, just right click on your desktop (or open the Control Panel) and open the Screen Resolution window (as picture below).

Screen Resolution

Once this screen open, select your multi-touch monitor a tick the check box: “Make this my main display”.

From here, your touch monitor will be set as default and display the Windows taskbar, but you can easily move back your taskbar on the other screen if needed.

In this screen, you can also drag either screen from left to right. As you can see on the picture, I have moved my touch monitor (2) on the left…

The second issue only appeared after my first reboot, or when I tried to reconnect my laptop to the monitor after a day of work…

The multi-touch was working but behaving on my other laptop monitor :/ It was a bit more subtil and took me a good half-hour to figure it out!!!

Once you have connected a multi-touch monitor to Windows 7, a new option appears in the Control Panel: “Tablet PC Settings”.

Tablet PC Settings

From the Tablet PC Settings window, you can select your monitor and see/set which one receives the multi-touch device!

You can finally setup and calibrate the touch input for your display.

So, if you see this screen, and the “Calibrate…” button is disabled, set your touch monitor as main screen and retry!

And don’t forget to plug the USB cable from your touch monitor to your PC, but in that case I can’t do anything for you 😉

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