RBS Filestream – The network path was not found

Yesterday, I was trying to deploy a web application and I had troubles with getting Remote Blob Storage (RBS) with FILESTREAM to work.

Whenever I was trying to store a blob larger than 1MB I would get a Win32Exception such as: “The network path was not found”.

I googled (binged!) and found the following thread: Network Path was not found.

I was a bit puzzled by seeing small blobs going through, but the solution was simple: set your damn firewall properly! :\

Configure a Firewall for FILESTREAM Access

When you enable FILESTREAM on your Sql Server (in Sql Server Configuration Manager), you need to check “Enable FILESTREAM for file I/O streaming access” or again your large content won’t work. By enabling this, Sql Server is creating a file share named: “MSSQLSERVER” (by default).

Sql FILESTREAM needs the TCP ports 139 and 445 opened to stream its content using this file share.

So, a simple test is to try connecting to this folder from your Web Server: \\<sqlserver>. If you can access it and see the “mssqlserver” Share you should be good to go…

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2 thoughts on “RBS Filestream – The network path was not found

  1. It is not enough sometimes. PathName() in transactsql get netbios name by default. This name in my case isn’t resolved on client machine. I call PathName(2) to get full server name, and this helps me.

    1. would you please elaborate more regarding this change you have made? i am facing the same issue and ran out of solutions, please help

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