WHS 2011+ Gladinet = Default Web Site not started!

A couple of months ago, I reinstalled Gladinet Cloud Desktop on my WHS to backup all my pictures on Amazon S3 before going overseas for a well deserved annual break!

Last night, I just realized that I could not remote access to my WHS web site… :\

I first thought that it was my router configuration and the port forwarding that was faulty, but then I realized that I could not even access it locally.

I eventually found that my Default Web Site in IIS was not started!

When trying to start it manually, I received an error message saying something like “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”. From here, I started investigating for the culprit by stopping any application from the tray bar and trying to restart the web site.

Gladinet ended up being the cause! So, I just removed it from the Startup folder and everything works fine on Windows start… Then, I can re-start Gladinet manually once the web site is on 😉

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