Surface RT

I received my Surface RT yesterday and I must say my first impression is very good! I am quite impressed by the overall quality and design.

I read a bunch of reviews before receiving it yesterday, they were mostly good but sometimes criticizing the touch-keyboard or the lack of power, comparing to a proper laptop – “a Tablet is and will always be a toy!”…

I wanted a nice new Tablet (I already owned an iPad 2) and I have it – I am not disappointed!

The case is beautiful, the touch-keyboard is actually quite easy to use – no comparison with the iPad… you can type something here 😉 Furthermore, having Office 2013 (Preview) on a Tablet – wow – you can actually do some work and even if this is only a Tablet, I can see that I won’t use my personal MacBook Pro as much from now on…

Surface RT
Surface RT

I have set it up with my Windows Live account, I am syncing all my email accounts (Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo), Twitter, Facebook… everything is well integrated in the People Hub and Mail application. I have also installed a bunch of free apps and so far so good, it runs well the natural experience is definitely well thought – good job MS. I am only a bit surprised that the Portrait mode is not used much, like in Kindle or other news apps… I was used to it on my iPad and I quite liked it :/

UPDATE: Kindle has already been updated, I do have my Portrait mode now 😉

The other great benefit is when you use Windows 8 Pro with Media Center and an Xbox at home, but that will be for my next post :p

In summary, my first impression of the new Surface RT: I am loving it!

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