Microsoft Band

Few weeks ago, I took the opportunity to be in Seattle for a week to buy a Microsoft Band. Despite some of the review saying it is not actually wearable, I found it quite good… The form factor is obviously fairly big, but for a first generation of band, it is a pretty nice device.

Microsoft Band

It features a GPS to track you on the go running or biking, an heart rate and stroke sensor. You get notifications when you have incoming messages: SMS, emails, Facebook or phone calls. The associate Microsoft Health application is also well designed and polished. it gives you the summary of your activity and also allow you to share your runs with other apps, such as Strava.

Finally, you get tailored your sport activity by downloading one of the preset workout for running, biking, golf and more.

The second version of the device is due end of this year. I am eager to see what else it will bring!

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