Secrid Wallet

Looking for a new tiny wallet, I opted a Secrid wallet.

What is great about Secrid? This is a ultra-thin card-protector wallet. Not that I am totally paranoiac about my cards, but I still had my cards tampered a couple of times, so why not?

Since, I always have it in my pocket, I wanted something super small and bought the Slimwallet. It gave me enough room for 5 cards in the aluminium case for my credit cards and another 2 in the leather wallet for my transportation cards…

The good part is with the card protection, I can easily tap with my bus card on one side and my ferry card on the other side without issues of conflicts between the various NFC cards!

I am very happy with it, it is solid and looks great – I definitely recommend it!

[UPDATE] one observation to make though on the recycled leather: after a good year now of work everyday in my pockets, it turned dark brown, but it is still in good shape 🙂


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