Agile Planning Poker Cards

I am currently working on project managed with pure Agile Scrums and a coach to help us (and our customer) to follow properly the process and embrace the methodology 😉 I must say, even after working on Agile projects for quite some time, having a coach and a team committed to properly follow the methodology is great!

Long story short, up to this point we have been using handmade planning poker cards for our planning and gromming sessions, which is fine but not great! So I was trying to get a proper set of cards and after a quick review most of my colleagues directed me to the phone apps:

Yes, thanks! I did see them and actually played with the WP app, but in practice, with my team members and more particularly my customer (business users), I don’t really like having anybody playing with their phone (or even laptop). Our sessions (planning, grooming, demo and retro) are quite short, so I personally like when everybody is focused on the agenda and content and not on their toys and emails :\

So, the only place where I could buy some cards was:

Agile Planning Poker Cards

Each set contains cards for 4 estimators and cost between $2.5 and $5. However they charge $40 to ship them in Australia!!!

Fortunately, I had a colleague in Seattle at that time… 🙂

If anybody knows other places to get Planning Poker Cards, please, add a comment and/or link. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Agile Planning Poker Cards

  1. did you ever find a local supplier for the agile playing cards?

    1. Hi Sharon, no I haven’t really looked for it actually… I got few sets from various sources at conferences or trainings.
      We make our company branded cards now for our employees…

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